GF Skin Lotion

Moisturizing Lotion

Moisturizing charge to cells with high penetration system.

The Aquanavigate formula, which dramatically enhances penetration, delivers skin-beautifying ingredients to every corner of the cell. For fresh skin with high texture density.

Capacity: 485mL

Dry Sagging Rough skin Dullness


  • A versatile water-retaining lotion that penetrates into dry and stiff skin. Recommended for all skin types.
  • Adopts a two-step “Aquanavigate prescription” that creates a path for moisture and distributes the moisturizing ingredients to every corner of the skin. The penetration-promoting ingredient “Aqua Navigator” temporarily loosens the barrier function of the skin, delivering moisturizing ingredients such as highly osmotic collagen to the depths of the skin and enhancing the skin’s original water retention capacity.
  • Contains advanced aging care ingredients such as “ultra-high pressure extraction placenta” which is the source of vitality, clinic-level skin regeneration ingredients “EGF” and “plant stem cells”, and “resveratrol” which awakens the longevity gene of cells. It leads to youthful skin full of firmness and luster from cells.
  • Contains TGP2, a vitamin C derivative, to prevent stains and dullness, and to bring a bright and transparent feeling.
  • It becomes familiar as if it is inhaled, and the texture is instantly adjusted by moisturizing the cells. Any aging sign will be restored from the cellular level, leading to moisturized and youthful skin.

Detail information
Main ingredients

EGF, resveratrol, plant stem cells (argansel extract), ultra-high pressure extraction placenta, aqua avigator, hyaluronic acid, highly permeable collagen, PCA-Na, lactic acid, vitamin C derivatives, TGP2.

[without] Mineral oil, alcohol (ethanol), synthetic colorants, synthetic fragrances, parabens

How to use

After using ” Revitalizing Mask G ” or treatment, take an appropriate amount on your palm and gently wrap your entire face.

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