The Electroporation Method used by Aesthetic Clinic

Mesotherapy without needle
High-performance aesthetic care equipment

Penetration power is 20 to 60 times that of

A state-of-the-art cosmetology introducer
that can be seen to be effective pmce, called
mesotherapy that does not require needles. It also
delivers high molecular weight active ingredients,
which were difficult with iontophoresis, directly to
the deep skin.

Size: W260 x D260 x H60(mm)
Weight: 1.5kg
Power supply: 100V 50/60Hz
Power comsumption: 12w


    • One unit can be used for the whole body such as facial, body, bust-up, and scalp care, and can be used for a wide range of treatment menus.
    • By applying a special electric pulse to the skin, a gap is created in the cell membrane and the beauty ingredient penetrates into the subcutaneous tissue.
    • 20 to 60 times more penetrating power than iontophoresis. It is also possible to introduce polymer components such as GF * (cell growth factor) and hyaluronic acid, which are difficult to introduce by iontophoresis or phonophoresis.
    • Mild and painless current waveform. Since there is no downtime, you can expect the effect with one treatment without putting a burden on the skin.
    • The cleansing probe cleans pores with ultrasonic vibrations of 25,000 Hz per second. Ultrasonic micro-vibration removes excess keratin and dirt and promotes penetration and absorption of active ingredients.

Detail Information

  • How electroporation works
  1. When a short and strong special eletric pulse is applied to the skin, gaps are opened in various barrier functions inside the skin, and a path for the active ingredient is created.
  2. The active ingredient passes through the barrier function and penetrates deep into the skin, and at the same time, it easly penetrates into the cells themselves.
  3. The open barrier function is proportional to the length of the pulse  and will open for a few seconds to a few minutes and then close naturally.

  • One unit can handle all kinds of parts and worries


Scalp [Example of worries] Thinning hair / Scalp trouble (dandruff / itch) / Decreased firmness / elasticity / Hair volume reduction Hair.
Growth including GF * (cell growth factor) on scalp that has lost vitality due to age and various streeses By introducing the ingredients, it normalizes the scalp environment, which tends to be disturbed, and supports the growth of healthy hair with firmness and elasticy. It can be used by both men and women.
Eyelids and eye [Examples of worries] Tension around the eyes / sagging around the eyes / wrinkles at the corners of the eyes / bears.
By introducing GF * (cell growth factor), which is a rejuvenating component, into the eyelids and dents / wrinkles around the eyes that have become thin with age. Promotes regeneration from cells. It returns to the plump and firm youthful eyes.
Cheek / face line Examples of worries] Sagging / pores / whitening / dullness / nasolabial folds.
Beauty ingredients such as GF * (cell growth factor) for sagging, cheek drooping, and collapsed face lines due to age and weakening of facial muscles. Achieves rejuvenation with immediate effect. The corners of the mouth are raised and the nasolabial fold is improved.
Lip [Examples of wrinkles] Wrinkles / Dryness By
improving poor circulation and dryness, there are no wrinkles, and your lips are plump and plump. A beautiful lip that does not require lipstick or lip gloss will be revived.
Neck/decolletage [Examples of wrinkles] Wrinkles / sagging / dullness of the
neck By introducing plenty of GF * (cell growth factor) to the neck and décolletage, which cannot hide the age, beautiful skin without wrinkles can be revived.
Back [Examples of worries] Acne / stains / sagging / subcutaneous fat / stiff shoulders
You can take care of a wide range of back acne and stains, as well as back fat and stiff shoulders, which are difficult to self-care.
Bust [Examples of worries] Bust-up / bust tension
Cooper ligaments (bundles of fibers inside the bust) have weakened and drooped, and collagen and GF * (cell growth factor) are introduced into the bust to provide rich elasticity.
Body [Examples of worries] Subcutaneous fat / muscle weakness The
body line, which is worried about stubborn subcutaneous fat and sagging, introduces a beauty essence that has a fat dissolving and tightening effect, and strongly promotes a slimming effect from the inside.

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