GF Massage Cream

Massage Cream

Cell activation massage cream that maximizes the effect of GF.

A rich and smooth texture that is ideal for massage. By using it after the introduction of GF, it raises the skin regeneration power, improves swelling and gives a glossy complexion.

Capacity: 300g

Swelling Dullness Dry Sagging


  • A smooth, smooth massage cream that can be massaged for a long time without rubbing. Since it can catch the skin firmly without slipping, it is also suitable for massage to loosen the stiff skin and increase the slack.
  • Emollient effect comparable to high-class cream and rich and rich usability. It softens the skin and wraps it with rich moisture.
  • “GF Enhancer” increases the reaction power of cells to GF, and raises the cell regeneration and repair power.
  • “Sleeping aroma” brings a deep relaxing effect and makes the parasympathetic nerve dominant. Releases muscle tension and improves blood flow pump function. All the energy of skin cells can be devoted to cell repair.
  • “Cure Passion” that strengthens lymphatic vessels and “Rehmannia glutinosa root extract” that promotes blood flow improve blood flow and discharge waste products to send nutrients to skin cells and improve swelling and dullness due to daily stagnation. To do.
  • “Prune decomposition products” that do not deliver the melanin that has been formed to the epidermis prevent stains and dullness.

Main ingredients

GF Enhancer, Sleeping Aroma, Cure Passion, Rehmannia glutinosa Root Extract, Prune Degradants, Hyaluronic Acid, Highly Penetrating Collagen.

How to use

Take an appropriate amount with your spatula, etc., and apply it to your entire face for a massage. Then lightly wipe off any cream left on your skin.

Photo before and after use
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