EP Gel

Face and body support gel

Introductory support gel containing hyaluronic acid and collagen

By combining with the introduction agent used in facial care and body care, it supports smoother and more effective introduction.

Capacity: 600g


  • It is a gel that spreads well and can be smoothly introduced over a wide area.
  • A fresh water-based gel containing hyaluronic acid and collagen that increases electrical conductivity and supports more effective introduction.

Main ingredients

Hyaluronic acid, highly osmotic collagen, glycyrrhizic acid 2K

[without] Mineral oil, alcohol (ethanol), synthetic colorants, synthetic fragrances, parabens

How to use

Please use in combination with introduction agents such as “TGF Essence”, “PC Essence” and “GF Cell Rebirth II”.

Recommended combination products

GF Cell Reverse II
Body / Facial Introduction Agent
TGF Essence
Facial Introduction Agent
PC Essence
Facial Introduction Agent