HQ Night Essence

Night Spot-care Essence

A concentrated night spot-care essence powerfully attacks  the stained sark spots throughout the night.

The essence contains high-concentration of “New stabilized hydroquinone” whose safety and gentleness are improved from Hydroquinone. High adhesion gel tightly covers and cares your worrisome spots.

Capacity: 500g

Dark spots for spot care only


  • If we could deliver intensive spot care at the clinic as home care … With that in mind, we have developed a beauty essence containing “new stable hydroquinone” that stabilizes hydroquinone prescribed as a therapeutic agent. While sleeping, it thoroughly attacks the spots you care about and provides clinic-quality whitening care that goes beyond the concept of cosmetics.
  • The high-adhesion gel adheres to the stains and approaches the stains intensively. Since the new stable hydroquinone is enclosed in microcapsules, the new stable hydroquinone gradually discharged from the capsule penetrates deep into the skin, approaching the point of concern deeper and longer.
  • Six antioxidant and anti-inflammatory ingredients fundamentally shut out the production of melanin. Stop the chain of further stain formation.
  • Like the remedy prescribed at the clinic, it works directly on the spots you care about by applying it to the clean skin after washing your face.

Detail information
Main ingredients

New stabilized hydroquinone, Vitamin C derivatives, α-Lipoic acid

[without] alcohol (ethanol), synthetic coloring agent, synthetic perfume, paraben

How to use

After facial cleansing at night, take an appropriate amount and gently adapt to the concerned spots. Because of the high spot care effect, please do not spread all over your face.

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