GF Cell Rebirth II

Body/Facial Introduction Agent

Slimming inducer born from the recipe of fat dissolving injection.

With excellent fat burning and metabolism promoting effect, it directly approaches deep fat cells and muscles. It is the ultimate slimming introductory agent that fundamentally realizes size reduction and cellulite care of the part you care about.

Capacity: 60mL

Slimming Cellulite Sagging


  • IGF awakens cells that are slowing down due to aging and transforms them into cells that burn fat easily.
  • It is also effective for body care such as the upper arm, lower abdomen, and knees, which are difficult to remove on a diet, and facial care such as fat and sagging around the face.
  • Since golden chamomile extract and caffeine enhance muscle function and increase metabolism, tightening, improvement of sagging, and reduction of cellulite can be expected.
  • UCP peptides not only prevent fat accumulation, but also lead to a body that is less likely to rebound.
  • Beauty ingredients such as super hyaluronic acid give fresh moisture and firmness, and make the slimmed-up body stand out beautifully.

Detail information

Lose weight! Approaching 5 effects that do not rebound

1. Melt fat

2. Do not store fat

3. Build muscle

4. Remove cellulite

5. Rejuvenate cells

  • It awakens cells that are slowing down due to IGF aging and regenerates fat-burning cells. By activating the cells themselves, the effects of other fat dissolving and metabolism promoting components are raised, and size reduction from the root and cellulite care can be achieved.
  • Phosphatidylcholine. It dissolves accumulated fat firmly and reduces fat cells, so it is also effective for partial care of the upper arm, lower abdomen, knee area, face line, etc., which are difficult to remove. In addition, once the fat is removed, it will not be regenerated, creating a body with less rebound.
  • It converts the energy of UCP peptide cells into heat and inhibits fat accumulation. You can expect effective slimming effects such as increasing the metabolism of the whole body, tightening, improving sagging, and reducing cellulite.
  • Super Hyaluronic Acid

Super hyaluronic acid and other skin-beautifying ingredients give fresh moisture and firmness, and bring out the slimmed-up body beautifully.

Plus α slimming effect with Dr. prescription unique to WOVE style

  • Caffeine. Fat is easily dissolved and decomposed
  • Converting Carnitine. Fatty Acids into Energy
  • Activates arginine growth hormone and improves metabolism
  • Eliminates swelling by excreting metabolic impurities of golden chamomile from the body

Main ingredients

IGF, phosphatidylcholine, carnitine, UCP peptide, arginine, golden chamomile extract, super hyaluronic acid


Mineral oil, alcohol (ethanol), synthetic colorants, synthetic fragrances

How to use

Install using an electroporation/laser/microneedle/dermaroller introducer. A wide range of installations are possible with EP gel.

Photo before and after use
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