GF Retino Clear Essence

GF Retino Clear Essence

Brightening essence

To realize the effect and instant result on melanin at a clinic-grade level

The latest technological formula diminishes stubborn dark spots and dullness caused by pigmentation of skin and old keratin. This essence enhances your skin’s brightness an elasticity.

Capacity: 30mL

Aging Uneven colored Pores Sagging


  • A professional rich white beauty essence designed for age skin who is worried that “whitening cosmetics have become less effective recently …”.
  • Concentrated combination of new stable hydroquinone, pure raw retinol, TGP2 and whitening ingredients with different functions. The white approach that focuses on the “reduction,” “exhaust,” and “blocking” of melanin creates unprecedented efficiency and speedy skin feeling.
  • By increasing the amount of pure raw retinol to the maximum, the excretion of melanin is strengthened, and the skin becomes brighter due to age-related skin. In addition, it thickens the skin that has become thin due to disordered turnover and aging, and brings plump elasticity.
  • Carefully selected ingredients such as “EGF” that aims to regenerate the skin, “Centella asiatica extract” that cares for yellowing due to saccharification, and “Vitamin C” that promotes the production of collagen that supports firmness and elasticity. In addition, an antioxidant “α-lipoic acid” has been newly added. With aging care without gaps from all directions, it raises the skin’s beauty and prepares youthful skin that shines brightly from the cellular level.
  • Although it has a rich texture, it feels like it is absorbed into the skin without stickiness. It leads to a firm, firm and youthful glossy skin.

Detail information
Main ingredients

New stabilized hydroquinone, Pure retinol, TGP2, EGF, Centella Aciatica Extract, Vitamin C, Ceramide, Hyaluronic acid, Squalane, Hydrolyzed yeast, α-Lipoic acid.

[without] synthetic coloring agent, synthetic perfume, paraben

How to use

In the morning and evening, after using lotion, apply a proper amount and gently apply the essence over the face and neck. *UV protection item with SPF 15 or more is recommended for daytime use.

Photo before and after use
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