GF Placenta Pro

Cell Activation Supplement

Youth boosting supplement to stimulate the body’s own regenerative powers.

High quality beauty and health ingredients condensed into a premium capsule. This supplement will make you more energetic and youthful.

Capacity: 120 capsules/month

Sensitive skin Skin roughness Fatigue Stiff shoulder


  • The effect of placenta injection and placenta infusion, which are popular in clinics, is also realized in home care! As an approach from the inside of the body, ingredients that are useful for beautiful skin and health are condensed tightly. A professional “cell activation supplement” that rejuvenates from the inside of the body.
  • Uses high-purity pig placenta from Northern Europe Denmark. The placenta of pigs raised under strict safety standards in Denmark, which is said to have the highest food safety in the world, is made into one placenta’s original cell active ingredient without any dilution. It was condensed.
  • It is recommended not only for skin and whitening measures, but also for those who are concerned about chronic fatigue, coldness and swelling peculiar to women, and poor circulation.
  • In addition to resveratrol, coenzyme Q10, and omega 3.6 that awaken the longevity gene, it contains abundant plant ingredients that are excellent in HGH activation, anti-glycation, and swelling care effects. It keeps each cell youthful and supports youthful skin and body development from all angles.
  • A vanilla flavor that enhances the relaxing effect and leads to a happy mood. You can enjoy it at your own timing, so it is recommended for busy people and those who often forget to take it.

Detail information
Main ingredients

Placental protein powder, Coenzyme Q10, Red grape leaf extract (contains resveratrol component).

How to use

Consume as supplement. Take about 4 capsules per day with water, etc

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