VC20 Essence II

Introductory Additive

Oil-free, suitable for sensitive skin, suitable for the person attaching eyelash-extension

Capacity: 500g – All Skin Types

Sensitive skin Adult pimples Wet hand OK Eyelash-extension OK


  • Oil-free, non-greasy, gel-like that does not drip, and easy to wipe off. It is a prescription that puts the ease of treatment first.
  • Uses a gel network formula that “floats and wraps dirt”. Makeup that has penetrated deep into the pores and texture is firmly raised, and dirt is quickly removed from the skin. It leaves the necessary moisture on the skin, so it doesn’t feel taut after washing.
  • Moisturizing ingredients such as polyglutamic acid and PCA-Na enhance the skin’s original water retention and barrier functions, and the more you use it, the healthier your skin becomes. Keeps dry, aging generation skin moisturized and smooth.

Detail information
Main ingredients

Polyglutamic acid, Sodium PCA, Sodium lactate, Dipotassium glycyrrhizate, Eucalyptus globulus extract.

[without] alcohol (ethanol), synthetic coloring agent, synthetic perfume, paraben

How to use

Take an appropriate amount on dry hands and gently massage over your entire face. Rinse with water or lukewarm water thoroughly.

Photo before and after use
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