GF Scalp Essence II

Scalp Inducer

Ultra-high concentration hair growth inducer that reborn youthfully from the core of hair.

Contains a high concentration of GF “PB4” that approaches the cells that produce hair. The strongest hair growth ingredients “Pidioxydil” and “Swertia japonica extract” are also highly blended to restore strong and thick hair from the core.

Capacity: 10mL x 12

Thin hair Fine hair Hair loss With dryness


  • Contains a high concentration of “PB4” that approaches the cells that produce hair. It activates “hair root stem cells,” which are the source cells that produce hair, restores a healthy cycle, and promotes hair growth.
  • Contains “IGF” and “FGF” that approach the cells that determine the thickness of hair. By acting on cells that are less active, you can grow strong and thick hair.
  • By blending Swertia japonica extract, it directly stimulates the hair root and promotes blood in the hair root. It enhances the function of hair matrix cells and normalizes the hair growth cycle.
  • It normalizes the scalp environment, which tends to be disturbed, and supports the growth of healthy hair with firmness and elasticity. Recommended for those who suffer from weakening of firmness and elasticity of hair due to aging and damage from ultraviolet rays, and thinning hair

Detail information
The “source of hair” hair root stem cells hold the key to the hair growth power.

The “bulge theory” claims that the “hair root stem cells”, which are the sources of hair, is present at the portion referred to the bulge at the upper section of the hair follicle and that this cell differentiates into the hair matrix cells, which are “factory for creating hair”. This theory has become the main stream theory for the hair growth treatments in the recent years.
In other words, in order to promote healthy growth of hair it is necessary to activate the hair root stem cells that decline with age and the like and to improve the condition so that hair matrix cells are produced normally. The thick and strong hair can be maintained by activating the dermal papilla cells which produce GF that promotes splitting and growth of hair matrix cells at the same time.

Main ingredients

PB4, IGF, FGF, Pidioxydil, Swertia japonica extract, Kappa peptide, Meritan GL.

[without] Mineral oil, synthetic colorants, synthetic fragrances

How to use

Use an electroporation/laser/microneedle/dermaroller introducer to introduce it into the washed scalp.

* When cleaning, please use cleansing gel before shampoo.

Photo before and after use
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