GF Eye Cream

Eye cream

Approach to skin problems around eyes comprehensively. It awakens bright youthful eyes.

This eye cream thoroughly solves the skin provlems of areas around eyes. It restores firmness and resilience of the skin around eyes.

Capacity: 20g

Crow’s feet Eyelid sagging Dark under-eye circles Dullness


  • An eye cream that solves deepening eye problems caused by aging, UV rays, dryness, and poor blood circulation.
  • Care to rebuild the eyes from the foundation and immediate care to instantly correct your worries will lead to bright eyes with sharpness and firmness.
  • Ingredients such as “EGF” that supports skin regeneration, “genuine retinol” that brings a lift-up effect, and “argylline” that is called botox to be applied improve fine wrinkles and sagging that tend to show age.
  • Uses Japan’s first “instant clear powder”.┬áIt gives a firm feeling while reflecting light regularly and diffusely, leading to a crisp and clear eye area.
  • The slightly pink cream makes bears inconspicuous and creates bright eyes.

Detail information
Main ingredients

EGF, Pure retinol, Argireline, Instant clear power, Hughly penetrating collagen, Sesaflash, Iris, Haloxyl, Golden chamomile extract, Sanguisorba officianalis root extract.

[without] synthetic coloring agent, synthetic perfume, paraben

How to use

In the morning and evening, use the eye cream in the last step of the skin care. Dispense an appropriate amount (one push for both eyes) onto your finger and massage gently around your eyes.

Photo before and after use
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